Self-Contained Studio Apartment


Studio Flat Unit




April 2019

studio flat unit for rental income

Our client approached us to discuss the potential of their home becoming a property that would generate a rental income. As a live-in landlord, our client wanted to maintain their own privacy while renting the top floor of the house, ideally in a self-contained setting.

A loft conversion and addition of a generous rear dormer allowed us to maximise the roof space, adding windows and skylights to flood the roof space with natural light.

The layout was carefully reconfigured and partition walls were relocated to include a kitchenette and shower room. Two double bedrooms and a communal living space create a generous self-contained living unit. The design allows for the tenants to have their own space without disturbing our client on the bottom floors of the house. The studio created is fully functional with no compromise on space or privacy, as requested.