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Winchelsea Road


Terrace Redevelopment


Haringey, London


August 2017

The existing property was an ex-council terrace of four houses in need of renovation, which the private developer client purchased with the intention to gain additional units on the site. The Haringey Local Plan had strict policies preventing the loss of family-sized units and we worked closely with the Local Authority to devise an appropriate strategy which would retain and improve upon the family-sized house provision, while also creating two additional studio flat units. This dedicated and collaborative approach paid off, and planning permission was awarded.  

A sensitive reconfiguration of  the existing roof and double storey rear extension provided the additional floor-space required while remaining sensitive to the scale of the existing terrace and the surrounding properties. Striking white brick and Pigmento Red zinc compliment the existing brickwork with large sliding doors and windows flooding the open-plan living spaces with light. 

This project was approached strategically, with the goals of the developer in mind. Permitted Development and Prior Approval extensions were secured for each individual property in the first instance, thereby guaranteeing a minimum amount of development prior to submitting for the larger scheme. Due to the strict local policy against the loss of family-sized houses, the application required a hands-on approach throughout the planning application, to ensure the Local Authority fully understood the benefits the application would deliver to the area - the rejuvenation of existing houses and delivery of two much-needed studio units. The benefit of this approach is evident in the successful outcome achieved for our client.

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